IMG_2109This week, I rode on the Outer Limits out of Seaforth Landing with some scientists from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) a division of NOAA.  Scientists Nick Wegner and John Hyde have been working on a project to show that release devices like the Seaqualizer can safely release rockfish back to depth, and in the vast majority of instances, the fish survive.  You can read more  about their efforts in my story that will appear in the print edition of next week’s Western Outdoor News.

There were a couple things I wanted to include in that story that I couldn’t because of the print format, so I thought I’d put those things here…

You might remember the video below from my previous post, The Importance Of Descending Devices.  Capt. Alex and I tried to figure out how to make our own release video one day on the Coral Sea, but we couldn’t quite rig the camera to make sure that it stayed inline with the release device…much less how to solve the lighting issue.  They had the rig on the boat and you can see that it took some serious Macgyver-ing to make it happen.

VIDEO: Helping A Cowcod Swim Back Home

Here’s the rig.  They didn’t use it on the trip, but they had it onboard the boat.

We watched a video prior to going on deck and using the various devices.  The video talks about what barotrauma is and how recompression using the descending devices helps the fish overcome barotrauma and live to reproduce and get taken another day.  Our buddy Amadeo Bachar was involved in the production of the video.  Can you see his work?  Here’s that video…

VIDEO: Rockfish Recompression




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