3B’s – Inshore Summer Slam

On Monday, September 4th (Labor Day), I got out for a 3/4 day trip to Catalina Island on the Native Sun.  We chased yellows by some shallow reef areas, and picked up the usual summer fish in the 3 B’s: bass, bonito and barracuda.  There were even a couple that damn fish in the mix (sheephead).

We started out close to the Isthmus, made our way around to West End, and then back over the course of the day.  It was pretty slow on the yellows, just 8 fish, but solid action throughout the day.  The fish only wanted bait on light line setups (20 or 15 lb. fluoro) and small hooks (size 1 or 2).

Toward the end of the day, Capt. Aaron Graham mentioned that this next drift would be our last of the day.  That’s when angler Lee Sobel hooked up…on a marlin!

I have to commend the crew for the great job they did in trying to take down this fish.  They had us all reel in and clear the decks to allow Lee his best opportunity to land it.  Aaron then proceeded to chase the fish, to mitigate the stress on the light line.  I went up to the wheelhouse and stood next to Aaron as I filmed the video below.

Turn up the sound to hear Aaron call the play-by-play to Capt. Bruce Root of the Sport King.  “It’s exciting” Bruce commented.  Yes it is.  Enjoy!


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