I didn’t think I’d get a chance this weekend to get salty at all.  As it turned out, I was fortunate enough to get in about 2 hours on the sand.  Given the small window, I went all out to ensure it was 2 hours well spent.  I went to a spot of known, recent activity.  My buddy Cruz Soto had scored a bean (corbina) here last week.  I also heard some reports of nice spotfin croakers.  On the way there, I stopped by Big Fish Bait & Tackle and picked up some live ghost shrimp.  I was on the sand for about an hour and a half before the peak high tide and a half hour of outgoing.  Despite everything seemingly aligning…nada.  Not even a bite.  I talked to some other anglers and heard about a guy getting a small leo and ray using squid.  At least I wasn’t the only one to O-fer.  Oh well…time on the water.  I also ran into my facebook friend, Ray Souza, which was cool.

I spent the rest of the weekend wishing.  It was a good weekend to go out too.  Lots of yellows!  I’m headed back out this week to SCI aboard the Pacific Quest (Commander is chartered).  Until then, I got my fix reliving last weekend as I finished editing the video from last week’s epic trip aboard the Commander at San Clemente Island.  Enjoy!



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