Tough day of fishing Sunday Eclipse Sportfishing…personal and boat skunk.  To be fair, the way things went this weekend, most of the San Diego boats had a hard time out there.  I was really excited to go on this trip as they had an overnight ride during the week that yielded 4 wahoo!  My trip was a tough one, yet it felt significant to me in a positive way.  I had my first, up-close and personal wahoo encounter.

The morning hadn’t gone well, three empty kelps.  I was looking forward to Chef Jason’s lunch of a gourmet burger.  No frozen patties here.  It was awesome.  I was in a rush to finish though because Capt. Adam Williams had called my number for the trolling rotation change.  I ate the last of my burger and hurried out on deck.

I was the only one who showed up.  I think the rest of my trolling crew was asleep or otherwise thrown in the towel.  It was just me and pinhead (deckhand in training) Nick.  I was watching all 4 lines.  There were 2 Marauder type jigs on the short outside spots.  There was a small Halco midway back in right the middle.  On the wayback spot was a marlin lure.

We were trolling along when the clicker went off on the wayback marlin lure.  I picked it up, but there was nothing there.  I reeled it back to check it out and make sure it didn’t pick up a piece of kelp or something.  Adam kept the boat in gear and we slid forward while I did it.  I reeled to about 15 feet from the back of the boat and paused checking out the lure.  Looked good.  I was about to send it back when a big blue streak smash the middle of the lure going from the left to the right.

The rod was already in my hands, so I lifted the tip and reeled as fast as I could.  The rod loaded up and then Poof!  It was gone.  I’m guessing it just held it, hook outside its left cheek, and dropped it.  That was that.  Too bad it wasn’t one of the Marauders with those middle hooks.

While it’s extremely disappointing it didn’t stick, I am happy it happened.  It feels like a progression, even though I had nothing to do with rigging the lure or setting up the spread.  I learned a couple things from the encounter.  If nothing else, it doesn’t seem so foreign and scary.  Maybe I needed it to move forward to landing one.  I’ll be back on the Eclipse on the 15th.  Stay tuned.

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