Mat prepares for battle

This is the one iFished and I have been teasing.  I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to watch this battle happen live…better yet, I caught it on video!  This video was shot on Dec. 14th, in Guatemala, on the Que Vela! owned by Captain Tom Boice of Panamax Sailfishing.  Mat Trevors is the angler.  It’s hard to tell from the video, but midway through the battle, the sailfish busts off the tip of Mat’s fly rod.  He used a 12 weight rod (means nothing to me), which I’m told is heavy for a fly rod.

What you don’t see is that before the video starts, teaser lures are used to raise the sailfish up on the starboard side of the boat.  Once it’s up in the spread, Capt. Tom or his mate Victor then has to move the fish over to the opposite side of the boat with a pitch bait.  If that task can successfully be done, then the pitch bait is pulled while the fly angler simultaneously tries to place the fly at the exact spot where the sailfish will see it and strike.  It’s a very intricate dance, where a lot of things have to go right to make it happen.  Watch and enjoy a successful attempt.  The fight lasted over 20 minutes.  I edited it down to the highlights.

If you look really closely, you’ll see a second sail in the frame when the camera first goes underwater.  Tight lines!


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