IMG_6273Been dying to do some more surf fishing, but with the storms, king tides, and just overall unfriendly conditions, I haven’t been since November when I ‘caught’ the GoPro.  So I was excited this morning to just get out and try my luck on the sand.  I had some intel about a new beach deep in Malibu where I was told I should try for halibut (a ‘but in the ‘Bu for a ninth inning Extra Salty? 😉 ).

I got there at low tide and it looked right.  The water was pretty calm.  I found some birds working and bait getting pushed up.  It looked fishy.  I threw the LC and Kroc.  I may have been bumped once, but it was probably nothing.


Buddy, you are in trouble

Not wanting to take a skunk, I went to my regular Malibu spot, fished the red ‘crack’ (Gulp worms) and caught some barred surf perch.  Not a great day of fishing, but hey 65 and sunny on the last Sunday of December?…I’ll take it.

Ironically, while I was there, a distressed woman approached me.  “Excuse me, but we lost our camera.”  What kind of camera is it?  “A GoPro.  My husband put it in the sand to catch the waves and one took it.”  I had to hold back a laugh.  Turns out, they were tourists from Spain (“Espana” she said).  I can’t make this stuff up.  She gave me her phone number and I hung out for an hour to see if it would wash up.  It didn’t.  I did get a chance to use my “new” GoPro though.

I may try to get out again before the end of the year, but for now…enjoy the video:


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