Welcome aboard Joe!

I’m struggling to adapt to working full time again.  I’m certainly grateful for the opportunity and things are going well so far, but there are times where I feel less than salty.  For one thing, I’m a weekend angler again.  By itself, that would be fine, but Jake has band stuff every weekend.  And with Jacob out of the picture, Juliana seems less enthusiastic about getting out there too.  I love my kids, but fishing has become an essential part of me.  There was already a weekend since I started the new gig that I didn’t get to fish at all (2 weeks ago).  Devastating.  I just seemed tired and less motivated throughout the week.  The following week, after Fred Hall and an overnight on the PI…new man.  I can’t explain it, it just is.

So going into this last weekend, I was trying to convince Juj to get Salty for a halfie on Sunday.  As it turned out, Jake had a concert and the halfie was out of the question.  Thank God for the twilight.  I checked in with Capt. Gabriel Ceballos though on Saturday morning and got some bad news…  “Only 1 reservation right now Joe.  We need at least 10 to make it a go.”  Time to go to work.  A facebook post and an Instagram picture later and I got a text from Gabe, “Come on out.  We’re a go.”  Right on!

We left the dock with 20 anglers.  It was insanely hot this weekend.  Besides just being happy to get out, a twilight ride was a great way to go.  I brought jeans, but ended up staying in shorts the whole night.  A beautiful sunset accompanied our ride out and soon we were fishing.


Last week when I hit Fred Hall, I stopped by the Reebs Lures booth to see my friend Rick Fuentes.  I’d been watching Rick’s facebook feed and I saw him score a hali off the shore using a setup that mimicked all the pelagic red crabs we’ve been seeing in the water lately.  By the time I hit the booth on Saturday, that pattern was sold out.  Dang it.  Since I was there, I asked Rick about these twilight trips.  He pointed me to these setups called the June Bug.  I bought a few.

The June Bug

The June Bug

I’d only ever used the standard leadhead and squid for this kind of fishing.  I wasn’t worried about bringing home any fish though, so I figured I’d play and try out the June Bug.  Worked out pretty well, I scored the first fish on the boat, a fatty sculpin.

The fishing was never wide open, but we had our shots.  The conditions were really nice out there…flat calm.  It was probably our downfall.  Not much current to get things really going.  Still, there were some nice fish that made it into the boat.  I managed to get a keeper sand bass and 3 sculpin.  My friend Mike was playing with something new too, but unfortunately it didn’t work out for him.  His frustration was topped off when after finally getting that big bite he’d been waiting for, a sea lion came along to take his fish.  It was a nicer fish that would easily have contended for top spot too.  No bueno.

Still, it was a good time.  I was happy to get out and spend time on the water with friends.  Thanks to Capt. Gabe, his deckhand Ray, and Rich in the galley for a good ride.  See you again soon.  Tight lines!

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