On the Speed Twin

On the Speed Twin

Sunday (Nov. 17) the kids and I went up north to fish on the Speed Twin out of Channel Islands Sportfishing.  Kinda funny story…the last time we fished together was when Juliana got her 1st lingcod.  On the way home from that trip, Jake asks me, “Dad, can we go fish on the Speed Twin tomorrow?”  Lol.  Poor kid.  His little sister got hers before him.  And she makes sure he knows it too.  We didn’t go then.  This time was the makeup trip.

Unfortunately, we get to the landing and see Capt. Jordan Richard inside.  “Hey guys!”  Hi Jordan!  How’s the fishing?  “Good.  High up stuff, bankies, chilis, grouper…hope you weren’t hoping for a ling.”  Doh!  One of the things that I always tell the kids, “Hope for the best, but don’t have expectations.”  Jake took it well.  He’s a good kid.

Lucanus starry

Lucanus starry

It helped to soften the blow, that I got in a batch of Shimano toys to field test the day before.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  One of the setups was the whole Lucanus system for jigging.  I learned the why behind all the elements of the system and it makes sense to me.  They also showed me an alternate rigging to it that looks REALLY good.  On Sunday, Jake and I had some modest success with it, but Juj was killing us fishing bait, so we eventually budged and fished bait too.

On this trip, Jordan went south along the beach.  We fished pretty shallow, less than a 100 feet, which was perfect for Juj.  We poked around a bit and hit a couple spots before we found what we were looking for.  When we got into that spot, we ended up staying the rest of the day there.  It was pretty automatic.  Fish a strip of squid about 20-25 cranks up, beautiful big bank perch.  Bankies are in my opinion the BEST eating rockfish hands down.  The problem is they

Juj's lone red

Juj’s lone red

usually come pretty small.  These ones were really nice with bigs in the 2-3 lb range.  As far as rockfish go, they’re pretty fun too.  They hit bottom up, so the first thing you notice is the line going slack and then you wind in to catch up with them.  The other option was to put on a live anchovy and 10 cranks up big salmon grouper were to be had.  We didn’t decide to enter jackpot this time out, since the goal was to play with the toys.  We were happy to load up on the bankies.  Juj somehow managed to get the only red I saw come over the rail.

Most of the anglers wanted to catch the biggest fish possible though.  Before long, we hit the grouper limit (3 per as part of your 10 rockfish).  Capt. Jordan cut us off on the chovies, and we continued to fish on squid.  At that point, we were close to full limits for the 3 of us.  Jake and I decided to tryout some more toys.  He’s always liked the Butterfly jigs.  In fact, his first jackpot (VIDEO) came using the Butterfly on a grouper.  So of course when we got cutoff using bait for the grouper, Jake took it on as a challenge…


Way to go Jake!

This trip was his first time getting to use the entire Butterfly system.  The biggest difference is the Trevala rod has a much faster action tip than what we’ve used in the past.  In short order he starts jigging and boom!  He’s bent.  Capt. Jordan has a young crew, but they’re very good and attentive.  Perhaps too attentive?  Jake gets the fish up and the deckhand quickly unpinned it and released it.  Ohhhh!  It happened so fast we didn’t even get a picture.  Jake was bummed.  Just get another one buddy.  He drops in again.  This time we got the picture 🙂

That was pretty much the day.  Great day on the water…good fishing, good weather, friendly boat.  We even had a nice dolphin showing on the way home.   And we ended up taking home a lot more fish than we’d intended to.  My neighbors will be happy.  Thank you to Capt. Jordan and his crew on the Speed Twin.  Thank you to Shimano for your support of the Salty Crew.  Tight lines!



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