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This last weekend, we tried to do something different.  The goal was to try freshwater…specifically a lake to go after striped bass.  I never got to eat the big one I caught in New York and have always wanted to try for them out here.

We drove about an hour north to Pyramid Lake.  Long story short, the only fish we saw was a stringer of trout that another angler caught (well other than the shad schooling behind our lures).  Salty crew…big goose egg.  We took a break from fishing to have a little picnic by the lake.  While eating we encountered a deer!  This was a first for all of us.  Obviously, we weren’t trying to be stealthy, yet this deer just walked up within 20 feet or so from us.

First and probably last deer video on SoCal Salty:

Jake and I were fascinated.  Juj was freaking out.  Something finally spooked the deer and it took off.  Shortly after, Jake was exploring the water’s edge and encountered these tracks.  Cougar?  Bear?  Not sure.  Glad we weren’t able to confirm who they belonged to!

So although the fishing didn’t work out, we had a nice outing.  I’ll have to dig into my freezer stash though to eat this week.  This weekend, I’m going back to what I know and getting on the ocean.  Tight lines!

Fresh tracks


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