Saturday, October 17

We were up early and powering out of our cove at first light.  Capt. Steve Kugler managed to net a needlefish.  Didn’t check back to see if someone flylined that thing…

yoyo_yellowIt was a short ride back out to that 6 Fathom Spot.  It immediately produced.  After some big log cudas came over the rail (I got one on my black and pink hand-painted Tady 4/0 aka Joan Jett), it picked back up where we left it the previous afternoon on the yellows.

I bagged a day’s limit the first day.  I wasn’t interested in bringing home 10 yellows, so I decided to fish the jig.  After the cuda, I switched up to a traditional blue and white Salas 6x.  On my first drop, I got stopped before it even hit bottom.  I must’ve dropped in right on its head.

For the guys fishing bait, it was a slaughter.  My buddies Mike and Randy were fishing trolling setups on a full out meat mission and laying the wood to them.  It was pretty good.  It didn’t last all morning though and we moved on.

Mark wanted to get going and start looking offshore.  There was one more spot though he wanted to check, a spot called Ben’s Rock.  It was a good thing he did.  Mark’s comment the previous day was we’d get 200 today.  We almost did.  We had to stop when we hit boat and crew limits.  It was that good.

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IMG_9083Unfortunately, that was the best of the day.  It was time to make our way out and up, and start heading in the direction of home.  We put out the trollers and stopped on a few paddies.  One of them was massive and looked really good.  Nobody home.

We continued to pull trolling lines, but you almost knew nothing would come of it and nothing did.  We reeled them in when we lost light.  We enjoyed one more wonderful dinner from Chef Kenny – a ridiculously good Asian style short rib dish.  I watched my beloved Huskies lose on satellite tv and went to bed.

Sunday, October 18th

IMG_9086The next morning things had calmed down a bit as far as the conditions on the water.  When we got to the Rockpile (south of the Coronados Islands) we put the trollers out again.  We did a couple laps between The Rockpile and South Island.  We got a hit on the outside orange/black marauder but it didn’t stick 🙁  And that was it.  Good trip overall.  It was disappointing how the offshore portion went, but San Martin fishing was awesome.  I was really glad to have that experience.  Thanks to the fantastic crew.  Excellent customer service as usual.  The experience is always a cut above.  Thank you to everyone who came out.  And thanks again to our wonderful sponsors: AFTCO, Izorline, Fish Dope,United CompositesJRI Custom Lures, Damiki USA, and Get Some Products.  Tight lines!


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