Lots of activity

Jake is the star of the show today.  I returned with Jake to ride the New Del Mar for the first time since I shot the Cuda Madness video.  It was a beautiful day on the water…a little overcast at first, but the sun came out later in the day.  Water conditions were good…not too much wind or current.  Nice day.

Lots of activity in the water.  We saw balls of bait, birds dive bombing them, dolphins and sea lions feeding on them.  All manner of sportboats and private boaters…Jake counted 27 at one point.  It was exciting to see all this activity, but it was perhaps too much because I think we boated only about 14 barracuda for 50+ anglers, with lots of sad tales of sea lions stealing fish and hooks returning with just a head on them.

Jake scored on a Tady 45, blue and chrome with mackie stripes

I got skunked.  However, one of the lucky anglers was Jake!  He actually hooked up very early in the trip…maybe even the first stop.  It was great to see.  He didn’t get too excited and did exactly what we talked about on the way over…keep your tip up, let the fish take line if he was going to go, and then he just muscled him in.  Very proud to watch him do it.  This was Jake’s first barracuda, his first fish taken on the iron (blue and chrome with mackie stripes), and his personal best biggest fish…maybe 5 pounds.  Good job buddy 🙂

Jake was one of the lucky few

Strike that Saltwater Sportsman cover shot pose. You earned it Jake!


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