My first boats that I became a “regular” on were the Marina del Rey boats.  I started riding the New Del Mar and Spitfire before there even was a So Cal Salty.  I’ve had some memorable rides aboard these two boats.  I caught my first ever white seabass on the New Del Mar.

My first and still a favorite video – Cuda Madness on the New Del Mar

Jake’s first jackpot, Juj’s first lingcod…all happened on the NDM.  And of course their historic, first ever tuna trip last year on the Spitfire is a trip I’ll never forget.  Captains Danny Ericson of the NDM, Jeremy Maltz and now John Corzell on the Spitfire, all the awesome crewmembers…Big Vic, Eric, Julian, Dylan, Derek, Axel, Jordan, Chewy, Andrew et al, and all the regulars have taught me so much.  The classroom of Santa Monica Bay has offered a variety of fishing opportunities over the years that has layed a groundwork for me to have success fishing all over Southern California.

Saturday, August 15th


                  Capt. Danny Ericson

I started my current job in February.  Over the next few months, even though I tried to (initially) stay low key, word got around that I fished.  As I brought fish in to share, people started expressing an interest in me organizing some office saltiness.  Proximity, fishing in the bay, length of the trip, opportunity for success…the New Del Mar was the logical choice.

Saturday morning 16 rent rodder colleagues met me at Dock 52 for a halfie.  I talked to crewmember Eric Ullman on Thursday and he told me they were catching a handful of yellows every day.  There have been days of epic bass fishing.  All you want bonito is available.  It sounded like the makings of a good day.

Long story short, I think the long ride to the South Bay proved to be the downfall of our group.  Most of them either stayed on the upper deck or in the galley.  For those that did get out on deck and fish, they saw firsthand the abundant marine life in the area.  They didn’t necessarily catch said marine life, but everyone that wanted to take home fish took home a limit of 5 bones.  NDM regular Johnny Foamer enticed a small yellow to bite a jig and took JP for the day.  I want to say there 8 total for the ride, and a couple bass rounded out the count.  Kevin, Kristina and Jeff had the best outing of my office mates.

Thanks to Captain Danny and the crew of the New Del Mar for a good day on the water.

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