Stormy weather?

I haven’t been out on the twilight boat in awhile.  It’s usually a good time, and I can usually count on coming home with a full sack…typically my 5 sculpin limit + a sand bass (or 2).  Saturday night though was rough.  Rain was supposed to hit Friday night.  It did, but it wasn’t that bad. As we were leaving the Marina del Rey harbor, the clouds looked pretty ominous and I was very glad to have my full Pelagic/Aftco storm gear.

March Bass Leaders

Once we got out there though, we mostly avoided any rain.  There was a full moon.  The water was very calm.   All in all, decent conditions.  The leader showed only a 4lb 7oz bass (sand or calico?) atop, so I had high hopes of getting in on the action.  As it played out though, it turned out to be a slow night.  In fact, the only consistent bite was on octopus!


Usually if you can get octopus, you’re almost guaranteed some big bass action.  Some guys even go out of their way to stop at an Asian market and bring it with them to the boat.  Once you cut an arm off an octopus, it continues to writhe around for a looooong time, usually irresistible to the fish, but even the octopus wasn’t working Saturday night.

The official count doesn’t break out the morning and afternoon half days, from the twilight ride on the New Del Mar.  My unofficial count…29 anglers and I’ll say maybe 6 sandies, 1 calico, a dozen or so sculpin, and 1 cinnamon rockfish (mine).  The jackpot was a 3lb 4oz sand bass, enough to place 3rd on the leaderboard.

Jackpot and runnerup sandies await their fate

Full Moon Over santa Monica Bay


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