The Iconic Arch at Anacapa Island

Let’s just say that the fishing wasn’t great today.  Strong wind and current made things really difficult.  Here’s the count.  It was Capt. Craig at the wheel of the Gentleman (3/4 day boat).  Adrian, Jeff, and Tyler were on deck.  Wendy in the galley rounded out the crew.  Big fish was this fat sculpin landed by Don Stevenson.  By Jake’s count, there were 23 entrants in the jackpot at $10 each…so nice win for Don!

Don with his winning sculpin

Jake and I had so been looking forward to this trip.  Not much went well, but I hate to dwell on it.  I’ll just list the the positives and look forward to a better day to come of fishing.
1.  Albright knot – well I can’t say I’ve got it down, but at the first stop of the day, with a ripping current and a brutal snag that ripped open the snap swivel holding my weight, my knot held!
2. A beautiful, sunny day on the water in SoCal – after a cold, windy morning that shot waves over the bow of the boat (it was like a SoCal episode of Most Dangerous Catch) and delayed even getting a line wet until after after 9am (boat departed at 6am), the wind died down, the sea flattened out and a beautiful sunny day made it’s appearance.

Chef Moto, Bryce, and Perry

3. New Salty Friends – I hung out a lot with Marcus and his buddy Bobby.  Perry Pascual, son Bryce, and their friend, sushi chef Moto…I know Jake and I will fish with them again.  We’ll have that sashimi next time guys!  Jake hit it off with Perry’s son Bryce.  He also made an another friend, Sage.  Despite the fact that Sage’s dad is an Oregon Duck fan, he turned out to be pretty cool as well 😉
I had a tremendous week of work last week.  I had a lousy day fishing today.  Really challenges the old adage (which I subscribe to), but I’m still down with that philosophy.  Get ’em next time.

Bryce, Jake and Sage


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