Chill day surf fishing

I went to that surf fishing seminar Thursday night and there were a couple of tips I picked up there that I wanted to try out.  One was that the “bloody crack” worked better at the LA beaches than the “camo” colored Gulp! Sand Worms I’ve been using.  The other was that it worked better to “wacky rig” the worms instead of threading them on the hook.  I had the kids this weekend, and high tide was late afternoon (4:25pm), so we hit my go to spot at Dockweiler on Saturday.

I’ll be the first to admit, I bring way too much stuff for surf fishing.  I’m always wanting to try stuff and and move around.  It was nice to setup shop in one spot, with one rig, and just fish.  We got there really early though, so before we commenced to fishing, we beachcombed (and I scouted the water), we played frisbee, and Jake and I got in a game of cribbage.  Once we were done with all those activities, we were about 2.5 hours out before high tide and I got out the poles.

It was a little premature.  Juj quickly lost interest.  Jake and I stayed at it for awhile.  Lots of pecks, but not aggressive biters.  More frisbee.  Jake got occupied burying his sister’s legs in the sand.  Ok, I’m going back to fishing.  “Let me know when you start catching Dad!”  Ok, then.


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The surf had picked up and I decided to spend a little time scouting.  I didn’t walk far when I noticed a spot where there was kind of a wedge in the water where waves were hitting it from opposing sides.  Robert Danelen (from the seminar) said to look for something different, and this was different.  I started fishing it and sure enough, I was getting bit on every cast.  It didn’t take too long before I stuck my first perch and I called Jake over to start fishing again.

That first one was a decent sized male, so I got kind of excited that I might start to get into the big pregnant females that people have been talking about.  That didn’t end up happening, but it was cool to see Jake immediately get bit.  First he got a walleye perch, and then a quick little BSP right after.  I didn’t realize it, but Jake had been skunked in all our previous surf outings.  It was fun to see him connect with it and enjoy himself.

It was never wide open, but for about 2 hours we were bit consistently.  Final tally…Jake 4 BSP and 1 wally.  Me 4 BSP.  Jake wins the weekend perch derby!  I’m the winner though getting him hooked on surf fishing 😉  Tight lines.

Wacky Rigging the Bloody Crack

EZ release on the wacky

EZ release on the wacky

If I had wanted to see if they worked “better” I would’ve fished both, but again, we kept it simple and just fished the one bait.  They definitely worked, so it’s another option as a GO TO bait.

In terms of wacky rigging vs. threading them…I tried it both ways and it didn’t seem like one way worked better.   However, what was good about wacky rigging was it kept the perch from swallowing the bait deep into their throat (at least these smaller ones).  It made it much easier to safely release them, which is a big plus.

California Fishing Passport

Fred Hall Show is right around the corner.  If you have kids and don’t already have one, pick up a California Fishing Passport at the DFW booth.  Jake was able to knock out 2 new species this weekend…sweet icing on top of beating Dad fishing.