I was excited to go on this trip. One, because I wanted to hang with John on his boat (the Daily Double) and soak in all his knowledge. Two, it was an amazingly beautiful day. I’ve lived in So Cal for almost 20 years, but it still amazes me when we have a day like today in January.

The fishing was ok. A lot of bocaccio (aka salmon grouper), a few quality reds, other assorted rockfish (starry, bank perch, barber pole, square spots). John caught a new one (for me) called a green stripe rockfish. I was hoping to catch one of those and add to my species count, but no luck. My big was a 3lb 6oz bocaccio. It was in the running for the jackpot, but as is usually the case, a red won out (they’re just meatier and heavier). All in all a great day. I’ll just share the pics and let them do the talking.

Royal Polaris back from a 16 day

Fisherman's Landing

Waiting to log the catch



Unloading the American Angler

5 Star Fish Processing


Daily Double in her slip at Point Loma

Jason on Fishing 101 duty

A gray whale breaching

Capt Fred in his wheelhouse

John and Jason at the filet station

Salty and a big bocaccio

Filet time leaving the Coronados


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