Ryo still leading

Day started off lousy…had the day off, only to find my boat ride in San Diego got cancelled 🙁  Managed to salvage the day by picking up a nice rod that was an eBay find, and then catching the afternoon ride on the New Del Mar.

Typical winter fishing day in So Cal.  Lots of sculpin…everyone limited.  Light load of only 10 passengers (get out here guys!).  Only a couple sand bass taken (Salty got one – woohoo!).  I caught a new species, the cinnamon (aka brown rockfish) that would’ve been a keeper in season.  Made good use of Jake’s Sculpin Slayer rig.  Another angler caught a nice sheephead (too bad it’s out of season too).  Other than that, fairly predictable, but just a beautiful day to be on the water.  Vic told me there was an 8lb 9oz calico bass taken this week on a day boat (doesn’t count for the leaderboard, but a nice fish!)  I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

Capt John on the squid

David from Rock n Fish

Passing the breakwater


Meet my friend Sandy

Mike won the jackpot with a nice sculpin. Not this one, Vic already fileted it 😉

Victor feeding his buddies


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