Seems like this weekend’s fishing activity was somewhat doomed from the outset.  Originally, we were supposed to do a 1.5 day trip out of Virg’s Landing in Morro Bay aboard the Black Pearl.  Some things happened with regards to the boat changing landings, so that plan was scrapped.  Then Capt. Greg Obymako of the Pacific Quest invited me out.  I was going to collaborate with my buddy Ricardo Holden of Fisheye Channel to do a video for the boat.  Well, shortly after filming an intro spot at the dock, I found out that there was a little mixup and they didn’t reserve me a spot on the boat.  Greg felt bad and had a chat with his neighbor at Pierpont Landing, Capt. Ray Lagmay of the Toronado.  Capt. Ray remembered me from a Western Outdoors News trip I hosted on the boat and welcomed me aboard.

The mixup at the landing was only the half of it though.  In the days leading up to the trip, news of the weekend weather was on everyone’s mind.  Several captains told me they were cancelling their respective trips.  My buddy Chris Dunn, the Fishing Weatherman, assured me we’d have a window to fish prior to the wind kicking up late Saturday afternoon though so I went ahead and made it out.  Chris’s prediction was maybe a tad optimistic, the wind started going pretty good by 2:30 or so out there, but we did have a morning window to fish.

During that window, I’d say mid-morning maybe 9-ish we had an opportunity where we found some wsb and they wanted to play a little.  Our little run of action had what I would say were 3 legit wsb bites, where only 1 was converted.  We were fishing nearshore in about 75 feet of water.  My buddy Tim Shiau was on the boat with his 2 buddies named Nick from NoCal.  One of the Nicks hooked up and eventually lost his fish when his spool getting close to the bottom and he just had to thumb and pull, and pulling the hook.  The run did include a couple batman appearances and black seabass too.  I was fishing a white 7x heavy with a whole squid pinned on.  I could feel myself getting bit, but it just never materialized.  Encouraging to see though.  I was glad to be out there.

Not much else to say for the trip…5 yellows and the biscuit for 24 of us.  Thank you to Capt. Ray for the hospitality.  Despite the poor conditions, we had opportunities.  The crew was solid and the boat is a nice fishing platform.  Thanks to Ray and his crew for the great effort.  It was much appreciated and it was good to see the signal of hope for a seabass bite.  Tight lines


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