IMG_5455Quick update…I’m in San Diego getting ready to go out on the big 2.5 day SoCal Salty/USA Sportfishing trip on the Ranger 85.  Lots of little errands to run to get ready for the trip, but in between I found time to get out on the water on the Daily Double out of Point Loma Sportfishing.  The Double is the boat where I learned a lot about fishing here in Southern California.  My buddies John Anjard and Jason Ivey used to work deck on this boat and mentored me when I was getting started.

The Double currently runs an 8-3 trip during the week and then the normal morning and afternoon half day runs on the weekend.  John has been urging me to come down and fish local.  The boat has been getting into some nice fish, including a day last week that they scored 53 big yellows!

We went out with a nice light load of only 14 anglers and tanked with healthy, smallish sized (5-6″) sardines for bait.  The crew was Capts. Carl and Dave, Anthony on deck, and Scott in the galley.  We stayed really close to home.  We worked the area along the kelp from Green Tank to the Point.  The first part of the day was mostly uneventful.  The target fish were yellowtail and calico bass, but between the birds, the sea lions and the harbor seals, it was almost impossible to fish a flylined bait for any length of time.

I got a gold sticker!

I got a gold sticker!

Some people chose to fish away from the kelp and were being rewarded with a wide open bonito bite.  Capt. Dave’s daughter Avery was slaying ’em, catching 9 of the feisty bones.  I decided it would be a better use of my time to work the bottom and see what I could find down below.  That strategy paid off and I scored a barely legal (24″) halibut.  As is typically case, it got much better in the afternoon as the current kicked in and the kelp started to lay down.  John was the hot stick and got limits of both calicos and smallish yellowtail (US limit is 10, but you can only keep 5 less than 24″).  I got a couple legals, and a bunch of short calicos.  The boat ended up with 10 of the yellows, but none of them beat my halibut.

I know everyone is keyed in on offshore now, but don’t overlook fishing local.  I see so many anglers get out offshore and they can’t flyline a bait to save their life.  They end up spending hundreds of dollars only to come home empty handed or just getting the rat size yellowtails.  It would absolutely be worth your while to spend $45 to fish a local halfie and work on your game before heading outside.  Plus, it sure is fun and you still have an opportunity to catch some nicer fish, including another one for me on this year’s Top 10 😉  Tight lines!


Legal hali just off the Point



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