If you follow along on our facebook page, you see a daily array of pictures, notable catches, a lot of them wahoo this year.  We all pat the backs of the anglers and crewmembers involved in these catches and then move on.  Rarely, do we get to know much back story to the accomplishment.  Not that there always is much of one.  That’s one of the great things about what we do, on any given day on the water, greatness can just happen at random.

For this wahoo over the weekend though, I wanted to share some backstory about the angler, Amado Quintanilla, as related by Capt. Taro Takeuchi of the San Diego.  It’s good to know that a guy who works this hard got his El Nino ticket punched after a lot of effort.  Enjoy!


Over the years I have come to the understanding that a crew member that works on sportboats either has a love for the ocean or a love for fishing. A love so deep and passionate that sometimes it becomes a sickness, if you will.

For a long as I can remember Amado has been cooking weekends. Spring, summer, winter and Fall he has showed up Saturday and Sunday to cater to our passengers culinary needs. And this is on the side to his regular 9-5. This man has a great passion for fishing and a natural instinct to go along.

Flashback to earlier this summer…the boats first wahoo opportunity. He goes 0-2 on a kelp… Super bummed! Flashback again to this past Thursday. Comes out fishing on his day off and gets his raider jig bit off by another wahoo as the boat lands 2! Another disappointing opportunity. We’ve come to have a love/hate relationship with these wahoo. Being at the right place and the right time. And with a little bit of luck we are sometimes successful, is what I told him.

I was once told that the definition of luck is when preparation and opportunity meet. Today he had another opportunity, with a few fish boiling up in the bow…he was in the right place at the right time with the right rod in hand. The stars and planets were aligned and he got the bite! It was meant to be. All 40lb mono and his surface iron! We ‪#‎gotemon‬!

This isn’t just any wahoo, it’s a surface iron wahoo! For a man who has put in his time on this ocean, whether it was fishing or working. Congratulations Amado! Glad I was there!

– Capt. Taro Takeuchi


Editor’s Note – I posted the link to this story on the facebook page and the outpouring of love and joy expressed by other people also on the boat Sunday for Amado was really touching.  This is the best of being a part of our salty community.


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