Before I went to Guatemala, I had gotten in a ride with Dana Wharf on the Clemente for one of their Friday Halibut Drift days.  I was skunked on halibut that day (managed some sand bass), but it was a good day.  I met some really nice people and I gained critical knowledge.  Specifically, Jeanne (who caught 3 ‘buts on that trip) told me that she kept her reel in free spool in order to allow this finicky fish to really swallow the bait and hook himself.  She also told me that she used a fluorocarbon leader for that extra bit of stealthiness to avoid spooking this fish.

I put her advice to work for me yesterday and scored my first legal flattie in Southern California!  Thank you Jeanne!  Thanks to Capt. Chris and deckhand Marcus on the Sum Fun.  Thanks Dana Wharf.  And many thanks to my friend Hannah Stewart for her devoted vudu spells in support of my chase after a fish that has frustrated me for the last 2 years now.  Guess what I’m serving for Christmas dinner 😉

My first legal halibut in SoCal


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