This last weekend (Friday May 30th – Sunday June 2nd), I drove up north and fully immersed myself into the salty 805 lifestyle of the ‘Nard (that’s Oxnard to the uninitiated ūüėČ ) ¬† told me I needed to use a free room up before the end of the month, so I figured I’d take advantage of it and have an extended fishing weekend. ¬†I got my stuff settled into my room and there was still a couple hours of light left. ¬†Hmmm, might as well fish. ¬†I’d brought 7 rods and reels with me to cover the full gamut¬†of potential fishing options and brought 2 of them, my light surf setup and light inshore setup, with me to squeeze in a quick fix.

I explored the other side of the marina across from Channel Islands Sportfishing. ¬†As I was driving along, I found a parking spot and could see a father and son fishing down below. ¬†OK, let’s stop and take a look.


IMG_3967From my vantage point above them, I could see that they were in front of a shallow sand bank. ¬†I saw a skate flutter across the bank and figured it was likely a low yield spot, so I moved on. ¬†To their immediate left, I heard a splash and noticed there was some bait jumping around like it was being chased. ¬†Let’s try there.

I rigged my inshore setup with a drop shotted Clone Fry and started casting about. ¬†Ended up getting bumped a couple times, but nothing stuck. ¬†I watched little “grass bass” (grass rockfish) come out of their holes among the rocks and attack my bait as it neared the rocks. ¬†I was losing light, so I figured I’d downsize and hang a couple in order to not take a skunk. ¬†I found a little light orange grub and rigged it up on 4 lb test with a little split shot about 6 inches up from the hook. ¬†I just flipped it in front of the rocks and let it drop. ¬†OK no skunk for the sesh.

The next morning, I was back at the landing to ride the “extended half day” (8am to 4pm) ride on the Speed Twin. ¬†The Twin is a really unique fishing platform. ¬†It’s a huge catamaran. ¬†It’s very stable, yet fast. ¬†It has a lot of deck space and a lot room in the galley. ¬†It’s one of my favorite boats to take the kids on.

Fishing-wise for the day, the hope was to get into some barracuda. ¬†The cuda have been a bit hard to come by this year. ¬†I was invited to come on the boat by galley chef, Sunny O’Neil. ¬†Sunny managed to jig up some slimesiders earlier in the week, so I was hopeful I could knock off a Top 10 fish on the trip. ¬†In order to qualify this year, barracuda need to be caught on a jig. ¬†The thinking there being, if you happen to catch one on a dropper loop, it’s more of a nuisance than anything else.

Capt. Craig looked just past the breakwater for them to start out the trip. ¬†Saw a couple bird schools that looked promising, but nada. ¬†We ended up rockfishing around Anacapa ¬†and Santa Cruz Islands. ¬†A couple lingcod got taken on the boat. ¬†I had my chance at catching one in Extra Salty fashion as I had a huge hit on a small bocaccio. ¬†Check the bite marks…too bad I couldn’t have had a trap rig on that sucker. ¬†Oh well, some good opportunities for the day. ¬†I ended up catching 8 rockfish and gave them all away. ¬†Good time. ¬†Thanks Sunny for the hookup.

I met up with landing co-owner Liz Vernand at Social Tap in Ventura for an early dinner. ¬†Liz has been a tremendous supporter of the blog and it was great to spend some time talking face to face for once. ¬†After dinner, I headed back to the landing and waited for the next ride on the Seabiscuit leaving at 10 pm. ¬†In the meantime, I was able to meet the crew and check out the Ranger 85. ¬†I’m hosting the Western Outdoor News 2 day charter on this boat leaving Wednesday night (June 4th), so it was cool to get a preview. ¬†I was super impressed with the boat. ¬†I’ll talk more about that boat after that trip, but I’ll leave you with a little preview of where I’ll be staying. ¬†That’s all for now. ¬†Tight lines!

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