Jake and Juju playing at Will Rogers

So my thoughts of being able to surf fish kind of went out the window.  I got in maybe…maybe…a half dozen casts in tops.  The rest of the time I was untangling bird nests or just making sure the kids were having fun, safe, fed, not getting burned etc.  We met another salty there, a father named Cesar and his son Arturo.  They actually fished a little…much more than me.  Arturo was the only one who caught anything though, a baby leopard shark that they CPR’d (catch photograph release).  Not much else to report.

I did get to spend more time with Brandon Hayword’s new book, Getting Bit. I got about half way thru and I was correct in saying it’s a great read.  I was paying particular interest to the yellowtail section as I am getting reports they are starting a local bite down in the Coronados.  I think I’m going to have to go down there this week and get my fix.  I picked up some new jigs at Fred Hall expressly for that scenario and am eager to get a shot at using them.  More later.


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