Pacific Dog Snapper, aka Cubera Snapper

I’ve been talking for a week now about how the water has been churned up by the weather, creating less than ideal fishing conditions.  This same sort of activity can sometimes also lead to some strange visitors.   Case in point, this Pacific Dog Snapper, also known as a Cubera Snapper.  These fish can become quite large…up to 5 feet in length and over 100 pounds!  They are usually caught surf fishing down in Mexico.  This little guy was caught off the shore down in Mission Bay a few days ago.  One of the DFG guys I’ve met, Ryan, sent it over.  He told me that his supervisor had never seen one in his entire career!  The DFG was even good enough to get the lure used in the shot too.  Just goes to show you that you never know what’s going to come out fishing in the ocean.


I tweeted this post out and fishing show host, Dave Maynard was kind enough to send along this pic of what a grown up cubera snapper looks like.  The angler is Cabo surf expert, Wesley Brough.  You will not find a finer surf fishing guide in Cabo, and he plays a mean acoustic guitar.  Dave hosts one of my favorite shows on tv, Fish The Baja, which shows on Vs channel.  FTB has wrapped for the season, but Dave has a new show out called Fishing Across America. Thanks guys!

Wesley Brough with a big cubera snapper caught in Baja


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