Yesterday I rode the Enterprise out of Long Beach Marina.  I enjoyed a great day of local yellowtail fishing going 7 for 9 hookups and taking jackpot.  At the end of the day, when the deckhand was ready to cut fish, we had some debate as to what the official DFW regulation was for bag limits.  I said it was 10, but that only 5 fish could be under 24″ (as measured nose to the fork of the tail).  Since all my fish were over 24″, I thought I could take home all 7.  The deckhand thought otherwise and said it was 5 over and 5 under.  To be safe, I took home 5.  Either way, I’m giving a lot away.  I would’ve liked to give to people I know, but whatever.  For the record though, I was correct (thank you Erik Landesfeind for finding the actual reg).  See below:





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