Jackpot cuda on the New Del Mar

Fishing season has officially arrived in So Cal!  Bottomfishing has been the name of the game for several months now, but about a week ago the top exploded in Santa Monica Bay with the arrival of schools of big, toothy barracuda.  MDR Sportfishing’s half day boat (New Del Mar) and 3/4 day boat (Spitfire) are your best bets, as they’ve been limiting all week on the logs.  The fishing and the weather are great!  A lot of people will be out, so call ahead to make a reservation.  Also, look at the Redondo boats to get in on the action.  I hear the cuda are around on the Orange County and San Diego boats as well.  Get out your jig stick.  The hot colors are blue/white, mint, birdpoop, and black and white, but to be honest, the logs are so thick that it’s really about getting a good cast and fast retrieve (on a boat with bunch of other guys doing the same thing).  Not for the faint of heart, but big rewards in fun.

Slaying logs on the New del Mar

The exciting cuda action overshadows the return of the Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby.  After a year hiatus the “Halibut” derby now includes other species and an extended range beyond MDR Harbor.  The derby is Saturday, May 14th.

If you’re not about the ‘cuda, the half day boats in SD are seeing some calico action in the kelp.  If you head north to the Channel Islands, rockfishing is still strong, with ling cod lingering, and a chance at white seabass.  If you’re in a betting mood, we saw lots of yellowtail in San Clemente Island last weekend and you may want to hit an overnight boat to see if this is the weekend that the forkies blow up.

Finally, friend of the blog, Dan Hernandez, is down in San Diego.  On Saturday, Dan is doing his Meet Me At the Lake series with free fishing for the kids at Chollas Park in San Diego.

Lots of good stuff going on.  Get out there and enjoy it.  Tight lines!


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