I think most of you are probably aware that white seabass have stones.  That fish can be such a mofo to catch that many anglers save the stones as little trophies to keep to remember their catch.  All fish have otoliths or stones.  They sit in a gel filled chamber behind the skull, along the spinal cord.  In the same way humans have little bones in our inner ear to help us keep our balance, a fish’s stones perform a similar function.  I’m told that it helps them figure out where they are in the water column, as well as, how fast they are swimming.

However, while many people know about the stones in white seabass, fewer are aware that there are nice stones in vermilion rockfish.  If you catch a bigger one, you might ask the deckhand cleaning your fish to get them out for you.  If you do, please tip them a little extra for the trouble.

Or another option is you could watch the video below and pop out the stones yourself.



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