I was cleaning up the pictures and video on my phone and found this video from last year.  It was April and we had just gotten into the first big pop of yellowtail.  I had gotten on the San Diego for a yoyo session off La Jolla.

This last week we saw our first big pop of yellowtail off the Coronados Islands in Northern Baja Mexico.  Three quarter day boats like the San Diego, the Malahini, and starting their season yesterday, the Mission Belle all found them.  Old reliable yoyo jigs like the Salas 6x Jr in blue/white and scrambled egg have been the jigs of choice.  These fish are a nice grade, with fish up to 30 lbs.!  Capt. Ryan Bostian of the San Diego is recommending you rig up with FRESH 40 or 50 lb mono, and also bring a 30 lb bait stick.

With these beautiful fish in mind, I thought this video might be useful if you are lucky enough to get in on them.


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