I was very saddened over the weekend to hear the news that the Maximus had sunk.  Capt. Keith Denette had a legendary operation working.  Over 14 years, Keith had built a reputation as the go to trip to experience catching massive yellowfin tuna without having to take a week or more off from your normal life.

In February, I left my place Thursday morning, got on a plane at John Wayne Airport, and was back at work Tuesday morning.  In between, I rode the Maximus for 3.5 days, almost caught a cow (188 lbs.), caught 5 fish bigger than my previous best, and beat my personal best tuna mark…TWICE!

Now it’s gone.  It started taking on water as Keith and crew were bringing the boat up to San Diego for the summer.  It sank near Cedros Island.  Everyone is safe, but the boat is on the bottom of the ocean.  Capt. Keith vows to come back with a new ride, but until then I wanted to celebrate the experience.  I’ll finish up the trip report and still have more video to edit and post, but for now, here’s an almost super cow that got caught by Darren Binkley on Day 1 of our trip.


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