Just a quick hit, there will be much more content coming out from this trip both on my BD Outdoors column, and here on SCS.  I was lucky enough to get out on the Pacific Queen with Capt. Gavin Harbour this weekend for a 2 day trip.

I had high hopes going into the weekend because the bluefin had finally started to bite on bait the week before.  It didn’t disappoint and I got 3 in the 35-45 lb. range (above).  I would’ve loved to have gotten one over 100, and the opportunity was around, but it wasn’t to be.  The boat ended up with 15 total…only one though was over 100 (kite fish).

Happy though with my performance, took home some great eats and checked it off the list.

Here’s the update: (8/10)

  1. Yellowtail – yes
  2. Tuna – YES
  3. White Seabass – yes
  4. Halibut – NO
  5. Lingcod – yes
  6. Bass – yes
  7. Corbina – yes
  8. Sheephead – NO
  9. Barracuda – yes
  10. Rockfish – yes

So just Halibut and That Damn Fish are left.  I might as well book an Eldo trip in December to San Nic now.

Tight lines!


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