The first half of the year is almost in the books.  Where do I stand on the Top 10 list so far?  Couple of updates…


I went down to San Diego last month and got in my first bass targeted fishing of the year.  I rode double halfie on the New Seaforth.  In the morning we rockfished, but in the afternoon we played in the kelp just off the beach at La Jolla.

That trip I really focused on fishing the swimbait using the 10 foot modified surf rod my buddy John Anjard built and I described in my Rethinking Surf Fishing article.

My other buddy Cody had never been, so it was fun to introduce him to how good half day fishing can be down there with Capts. RJ Hudson and Brian Castleton.  Love that boat and crew.  I got my limit, but failed to take any pics of myself.

Last week though, I had a great trip just staying local on the City of Long Beach.  One of my goals this year was to get my small surface iron game dialed in.  Turns out that this trip was my opportunity and I capitalized (see top).  The jig is a Salas 7x Jr. Light that I found in a vintage gear booth during Fred Hall.  Sweet pickup.  I got my limit, with the last 3 coming on that jig.


Got out on the Native Sun the beginning of June when the cuda first showed up.  I’m glad I did, because that bite has since tailed off a little.  Not to say the opportunity isn’t still out there, but it was wide when I went.  There was a really good group of 5,6 anglers up on the bow with me.  Everyone was skilled, careful and courteous…not something you can always count on with a bunch of local anglers all throwing a jig.

In my mind, cuda only counts when caught on a jig.  Any other way is just bycatch and boring.  Got it done on a Tady 45 in their metallic scrambled egg.

So where does that leave us for the year? SIX of 10

  1. Yellowtail – yes
  2. Tuna – NO
  3. White Seabass – yes
  4. Halibut – NO
  5. Lingcod – yes
  6. Bass – yes
  7. Corbina – NO
  8. Sheephead – NO
  9. Barracuda – yes
  10. Rockfish – yes

I’ll get my opportunities on tuna.  The stretch goal is to get one over 100.  Halibut, been doing a decent amount of shore fishing targeting halibut.  Really want to get a legal off the beach this year.  Corbina, been seeing a lot of sand crabs on the beach, so it’s primetime to do it right now.  Sheephead, I want to do more island fishing this summer, so good opportunity for both halibut and sheephead along the kelp line.  And of course, there’s always San Nic if push comes to shove.




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