Longtime reader and fellow salty, Jaysen Park (Thai Coconut Fish Soup), commented several days ago, “How’s your Top 10 coming along Joe?  Haven’t seen any updates recently.”

Here we are a third of the way into the 2017 season and I haven’t done anything since writing about it for Bloody Decks in January.  As I mentioned in that article, the Top 10 has kind of been on hiatus during El Nino.  Now that we’re back in a “normal” year (there’s still a possibility El Nino could return before the end of the year though), I was going to restart it.

Here’s a quick update: 4 of 10 (got some work to do!)

  1. Yellowtail – got my first of the year aboard the Pacific Queen down at Colonet (top).  First stop of the day on the 187 Jigs full size heavy yoyo.  Then of course there was the TBird trip in March, when we absolutely blew it up.  I accounted for 6 by myself.  Off to a good start.
  2. Fortune – April 10th

    Tuna – I had a great year last year catching my all-time (188 YFT off Puerto Vallarta on the Maximus), as well as a limit of 80 lb. USA bluefin on the Pacific Queen.  Haven’t gone looking yet this year, but that is something I’ll probably be doing soon.

  3. White Seabass – oh yeah, in a big EXTRA SALTY kind of way.  Fortune trip April 10th.  Boat got the big hit with angler and crew limits, and I took JP with a 62 lb. fish for a new personal best!
  4. Halibut – tried a little from the sand for a couple shorts but not yet
  5. Lingcod – got one January at Colonet on the Dominator and a limit on the Pacific Islander for my rockfish opener.  None of any size though.  There’s still Ling-a-Palooza.  And I have another ace up my sleeve for finding my 20 this year though.  Stay tuned.
  6. Bass – didn’t do any twilight or leadhead & squid trip during Jan/Feb.  Caught some shorts while fishing for seabass, but I have some work to do here.
  7. Corbina – still lots of time, but surf fishing has been crappy for awhile now.  Could be a problem.
  8. Sheephead – #thatdamnfish still efforting
  9. Barracuda – I did, but only as bycatch while seabass fishing.  Needs to happen on surface iron to really count (in my mind at least).  Maybe this Mother’s Day they’ll finally reappear in Santa Monica Bay?
  10. Rockfish – yes


First fish of 2017


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