I got reports from multiple sources on Monday that yellows were being seen down in the Coronados with more than 1 or 2 per boated per trip. Based on these reports, I was actively angling to figure out how I could get down yesterday…based on the hunch that they were finally going to go off. Did I make it?  Sadly I did not 🙁

However, the bite did happen and hopefully it can sustain. Carl S. was on the boat yesterday and sent me this picture. He personally put the wood to 6 of the forkies coming on both iron and fin bait.  Carl was riding the San Diego out of Seaforth Landing (3/4 day boat), which brought in a total of 103 (for 29 anglers.  They also got 4 sculpin…lol).  I also got a report from the Mission Belle (Point Loma Sportfishing) that they got yellows too, but a count hadn’t been posted yet as I write this report.  Mid-morning reports today for both boats is about a dozen yellows each.

I mentioned before how I was feeling the cuda and urging you to get out.  Now the cuda have left.  I got 2 days in it, and was lucky enough to get it on video.  If you didn’t get in on that bite, you missed an epic opportunity to enjoy some of the best action SoCal has to offer.  I consider yellowtail the top fish in terms of fight, table fare, and access to the average Joe who doesn’t have the time or resources to enjoy a long range trip.  The yellowtail bite is on.  Make plans now.  You never know how long these things are going to last.

Hot yellowtail bite on the San Diego

Get in on it.


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