Sculpin will bite anything

Sculpin will bite anything

We have a change this year!  I know I said at one point, “There will always be a place for the scorpionfish in the Top 10.”  Well, I lied.  It’s gone.  I mean, is it a challenge to catch?  As proof, one of the Salties, Vance Kanel, caught one last week using a mouse (topwater bass lure) on a dropper loop…proof positive they’ll bite anything.  I caught a legal last year off a pier.  They’re good eating, but I’ll give the nod to rockfish in that category.  Sorry scully.

So let’s see how this shakes out now…

10. Rockfish

Extra Salty = 8lbs.+ individual fish or a limit completely on artificial

AC's big Lucanus chuckie

AC’s big Lucanus chuckie










9. Barracuda (must be jig caught!)

How many times did you catch cuda last year on dropper loop squid while fishing for wsb?  Ok then, only counts if you catch one on the jig.  Extra Salty is still a 4ft long LOG on a jig.

They've finally arrived

Megabait cudas










8. That Damn Fish (not a pinky)

Don’t care if it’s legal, pinkies don’t count.  Extra Salty somewhat relaxed though to 15 lbs. (down from 18), or if on artificial.  My big was 13+ so still a reach and I’ve only ever seen 2 at 18+ (on rod and reel) personally.

Jimmy on the jig

Jimmy on the jig










7. Corbina

Been wanting to add a surf fish, so here you go.  Considered one of the toughest to catch in the surf environment.  Extra Salty for one over 24 inches or not caught on sand crabs or “the crack”!

(picture courtesy Charkbait)









6. Saltwater Bass

Getting a legal one got a lot tougher last year with the minimum size going up to 14″.  Slight mod to the Extra Salty…5lbs+ for a calico or sand bass or 3lbs+for a spotty, on swimbait or iron.

Ray put on a clinic

All on plastic – Ray is salty










5. Lingcod

Maybe my personal favorite fish…fun to catch, great to eat.  No changes here.  Extra Salty = 20lbs+ or a hitchhiker.










4. California Halibut

Tough year last year on halibut for me…only got 2.  Went up in July to chase the big ones off Santa Rosa and the bite came in August 🙁  Slight mod on Extra Salty…40lbs+ still, but also if you can get a legal off the beach on artificial.


Peggy Stein is salty













3. White Seabass

Didn’t take me as many trips last year to score, but still looking for that trophy fish.  Extra Salty would be a “slob.”  Don’t know what that means in terms of weight, but if I struggle to lift it up for the picture, and it’s tail is dragging on the deck, it counts.

On cue, Brandon got a client on some tankers just prior to the book release

One on left = SLOB













2. Tuna

Last year was really the year to get that Extra Salty one.  BFT up to 100lb class in 1.5 day range, but they eluded me.  No changes here, 50lbs+ in 2 day range = Extra Salty.

Nice one Dane!

50+ on a 1.5, that’s Extra Salty













1. Yellowtail

I was personally stoked to catch forks 4 ways last year (yoyo, surface iron, flylined sardine, light leadhead+squid), and my only Extra Salty for 2013.  I’ll be very happy to do that again.  No changes.  Extra Salty = 30lbs+ on surface iron.

1st yellow on surface iron


Good luck and Best Fishes for 2014!