Sandies hugging the bottom

As I mentioned in previous articles, we’re currently in the winter season for fishing here in SoCal, and that means that Sculpin, Sand Bass, and Calico Bass are the primary target gamefish.  I know you readers in colder climes are smirking and saying, “Yeah, tough winter you got there Salty!”  Believe me, I know and respect that fact.  Spending half my life in the Pacific Northwest, I’m well aware of what winter really means. 

What this post is about is how to change your fishing tactics in the winter months in order to be successful catching these target species.  Whereas in the summer, your half and 3/4 day boats focus on fishing the kelp paddies, flylining a live anchovy to tempt calicos to come out and attack it on or just below the surface, winter fishing means the fish move lower in the water column.

Ron Ballanti, writer for great salty reads like, Saltwater Sportsman and Western Outdoor News, has an excellent article posted at Earth Sports today.  Check it out to learn how to successfully target saltwater bass in SoCal.


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