Did you notice the counts in the subsequent days following Thursday when I was out on the Belle?

Here they are (via 976-Tuna):

Friday – 29 anglers for 11 yellowtail and 9 dorado

Saturday – 35 anglers for 6 yellowtail and 13 dorado

Sunday – didn’t go out
Certainly decent, but more anglers, less fish.  I’m sure a lot of those people saw the count for Thursday, got excited, went out and got disappointed.  Am I saying don’t go out?  NO!  But what the data illustrates is how dangerous it is to follow the counts.  I’ve almost never hit it big when I chase a big count.  Part of it is just the odds.  Those wide open days like Thursday was on the Belle are few and far between.  Also, your individual odds as an angler are less because there are more people on the boat whenever there is a big count like we enjoyed.  Plus, if you don’t put your time in, you won’t have the necessary skills in place to maximize your opportunity if it’s anything less than a wide open bite.

What I am saying is you need to pay attention all the time.  Get good info from reliable sources (like here!).  Look at the trends and just go out.  For those of us that are the regulars, days like Thursday are our reward for time spent on the water.  We get to be the ones that can say, “I was there when the Belle broke wide open offshore and took home limits of dodos.”

Some of you may be wondering about the Sum Fun and whether or not to invest $100 on going.  Maybe you think you should go with the “surer thing” and go to SD…regardless of the crowds.  Me?  I’m going to do both.  My recommendation to you is whichever way you decide to go…go out, have fun, and enjoy the whole experience.  Enjoy the anticipation, enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of being on the water, enjoy the good times spent with friends, and if you are lucky, enjoy a day like this…Tight lines!


– YouTube is messing up and the embedded video doesn’t seem to be working now.  Here’s the direct link

– The Dana Pride out of Dana Wharf already has a dodo on their 3/4 run today (Monday).  Come out with me WED!!!



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