No trip report this week.  The kids and I surf fished last Saturday at Santa Monica.  Wide open dink perch with fresh live sand crabs provided by the Salty Bait Company 😉  We had fun, but not really worth a full trip report.  Instead, I thought I’d tour you around what’s been happening out on the water.  Follow our Facebook page for daily reports.

Picture courtesy Aloha Spirit Sportsfishing

Picture courtesy Aloha Spirit Sportsfishing

Channel Islands

Before the wind hit last week, Capt. Shawn Steward of Aloha Spirit Sportfishing caught the first white seabass of the season on Cinco de Mayo.  Then the wind hit and the islands saw the worst of it.  Most of the boats didn’t even get out, much less catch seabass.  The good news though is the squid finally showed up there, and the Aloha Spirit caught two seabass yesterday (May 13th).  Suddenly, Capt. Shawn’s boat is booked through next Thursday!

It’s still a little windy, but fishable.  There’s a full moon for the next few days, so I could see a lot more seabass getting caught real soon.  I’d look ahead to when you can fish and book your spot now:  Channel Islands Sportfishing 


Catalina and Clemente

After the seabass and yellows showed at the islands the previous week…wind hit and the fishing for exotics went with it.  The good news is that the calico bass fishing has turned on.  Fury Sportfishing out of Dana Wharf had a 65 bass day (with over 200 shorts released) on Monday.  And if bass isn’t your cup of tea, for those working the bottom in the same area, monster sheephead are being caught.  And…you never know when the yellows and seabass will turn back on.  Rockfishing continues to be a solid backup plan.

Fury Sportfishing

Thunderbird Sportfishing

Fortune Sportfishing

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Picture courtesy H&M Landing

Picture courtesy H&M Landing

San Diego

More wind, but it’s starting to ease up.  The 3/4 day boats: San Diego, Mission Belle, and Malahini are seeing a ton of yellowtail, but getting them to bite has been difficult.  What’s exciting though is that they are biting the surface iron.  The San Diego had a 94 fish day before all the wind.  It’s due to pop again, so get out your jig stick and go fishing.

Also exciting is that the first bluefin tuna of the season was caught earlier this month.  The Top Gun 80 was about 85 miles south and ran into a school of nice bluefin during an exploratory trip.  They went 1 for 10 on hookups, catching many anglers by surprise and undergunned.

Lots of captains, scientists and interested observers are saying this year will be an El Nino year.  The 60+ degree water we were seeing at the Coronados in January and February, and an early bluefin showing would seem to backup the notion that we’ll be experiencing an El Nino year.  I’m also hearing about yellows holding on paddies.  Several boats are heading offshore for next week’s Memorial Day weekend.  It might be worth your while to consider getting on one of them.  One of my favorites, Eclipse Sportfishing has a 2 day Charkbait sponsored trip this weekend, and a 2.5 day trip for the long weekend.

We’re at the front end of getting into the meat of our fishing season.  Lots of great options for pulling on trophies.  Get out there and enjoy it.  Tight lines!


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