If you follow along on the Facebook page, you know that I post The Fishing Weatherman’s weekly Coastal Weather Update.  It comes out every Wednesday night and it reviews the weather outlook in the Southern California Bight and down into Baja.  If you are salty, it’s a must watch.  Here was the update for last week…

Yes, I made the update.  I was pretty excited about it.  That’s not the only reason though that I put the spotlight on the Fishing Weatherman.  Chris Dunn is the Fishing Weatherman.  He is the on-air, Chief Meterologist at KPHO, the CBS affiliate in Phoenix.  Chris is from SoCal though.  Through high school and college, Chris worked as a deckhand on both local and long range trips here.  So there is salt running in Chris’ veins and the weekly updates help to keep him connected to our scene.

Along with his weekly updates, Chris posts often about the weather affecting our fishing.  This year, with anticipation running high about the potential of an El Nino and the fishing opportunities it would bring, Chris has been posting a lot of good information with the latest updates from the scientific community.  Also, with the offshore season starting early this year, weather is a critical element affecting your trip and Chris is a great source to see what’s up.

If you like this stuff as much as I do, you should definitely find Chris and follow him if you haven’t already.  Aside from the great weather info, Chris just really enjoys interacting with our fishing community and brings a great perspective from having been involved with it for so long.  Thanks for everything you contribute to our salty lifestyle Chris.  Tight lines!


Fishing Weatherman website

SD Weather on facebook

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