TARPITS1So no trip report this week since last weekend was all blown out.  Saturday, Juj had a great idea and we went to the La Brea tarpits.  She’s studying about fossils in school, so it was educational and a good time.

Sunday, we got into pseudo-fishing mode and checked out the first annual 22nd St Landing – Day At The Landing.  It was cool, they had a vintage tackle seller, different booths like WON, Angler Chronicles, Cedros Outdoor Adventures, Phenix Baits, PFO, raffles, food, etc.  Cool fishing stuff.  Nicest thing was just seeing a lot of people I know (some meeting live for the first time) and talking fishing.

My main thing was wanting to see the remodel on the new Freedom and along the way we checked out some other boats down there as well…

IMG_3525The (New) Freedom

Last year I reported how I went on the last ride with Tommy Lee and crew on the old Freedom (won JP too 😉 ).  Honestly, the best part of that boat was Tommy and his crew… and the Freedom Burger (I hope the new owners keep that around).

The boat itself had seen better days.  The new ownership group of Jeff Jessop, Mark Pisano and Jeff Woodrum has been hard at work fixing it up.  I’ve been following the remodel on their Facebook page and it was cool to see their handiwork up close.  It’s looking good and is supposed to be fishing soon.

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The Fortune

Across from the Freedom, was the Fortune.  I’ve been following the exploits of Capt. Bruce Smith for awhile.  I’m fishing this boat this week for the first time, so you’ll be hearing a lot more.  For now, I’ll just say that the boat is really nice, Bruce has I think 4 IGFA world records, and more importantly he has the respect of all the other captains on the water.  I’m sure it’s well deserved and I can’t wait to fish with him.  Bruce rarely has open party trips as his customers keep booking their charters every year.  He splits time between 22nd St. and San Diego to fish offshore in the Summer.  Look for my trip report next week.

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The Ultra

IMG_3543Super nice boat.  Only sleeps 10, so it is always chartered, almost never open party.  The owners have a fishy reputation and are part of the ownership group of the Freedom, which will now be their open party boat.  I’ll definitely look to fish this one though if the opportunity presents itself.  I put my name on their mailing list for those last minute calls, you might want to check out their site and get your name in too.

The Native Sun

The Native Sun just moved to 22nd St. from Long Beach Sportfishing.  It is now the 3/4 day boat at this landing.  I loved the boat before and it’s even better now.  Lots of deckspace.  HUGE galley, and now, a very comfortable upper deck area too!  Juj said it looks like a bar (don’t ask me where she gets these ideas).  I’ll fish here.

That’s all for now.  Lots of fishing this weekend.  Check out my white seabass rigging tips in this week’s print edition of Western Outdoor News.  As I’m writing this post, news is coming out from today’s fishing and it bit in the islands pretty nice.  Great captain and boat, conditions look good, I’m hoping an elusive ghost decides to bite my line!

Stop by next week to find out what happened in the trip report from the Fortune, and also a very special beach excursion I’m doing on Saturday.  Tight lines!

The upper deck "bar" on the Native Sun

The upper deck “bar” on the Native Sun


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