Several of the Salties asked me over the course of last season…”How’s the Top 10 going?”  Or after awhile, “What happened to the Top 10?”

2014 was a great year.  It seemed like it never ended as we rolled into 2015.  It was clear it was going to be a spectacular year…just very different.  I made a decision at the beginning of the 2015 season to not stress about it and just enjoy the year for what it was.  Basically, I didn’t want to focus on catching #thatdamnfish (I got it), when there was a chance to get a wahoo (came up empty).  You get the idea though.  So the Top 10 went on hiatus last year.

Just for fun though, how did I do?

liberty_jpcuda10) Rockfish – of course.  Maybe an Extra Salty because I did a lot of jig and fly when I did go rockfishing.  I only fished bait when it was so deep or the current so strong I couldn’t get down with a jig.  I wasn’t really paying attention though.

9) Barracuda – Yes.  Remember it has to happen on a jig and I got lucky one night with a blind jig strike twilight fishing on the Liberty.  Managed to take JP in the process.

8) Sheephead – aka #thatdamnfish

Yes.  I caught several.  The one I remember though was fishing aboard the Amigo.  I took JP on a 55 lb. yellowfin that was the first fish on the boat.  Later in the day though, when everyone else was flylining for yellows, I managed to get it.  Pretty cool catching it on a tuna trip.

7) Corbina – No.  Didn’t do a lot of surf fishing last year.  The water was too warm.

6) Saltwater Bass – Yes.  The best sesh was during the Big Bass Bonanza aboard the Commander at San Clemente


Still searching for a 20+. This one at Colonet came close

5) Lingcod – Lots and lots of lingcod.  My big of the year was on the SCS Colonet trip aboard the Eclipse in January, but the best lingcod fishing was on the Pacific Islander as always.  The SCS Ling-a-palooza was great.  And then I took JP on the last trip of the year on the PI too.

4) Halibut – NO – I didn’t get a lot of chances.

3) White Seabass – NO

I knew this fish would be a tough one last year.  There was really only about a week where it was good up in the Channel Islands.  I had just started a new job and couldn’t get in on it.  I treated myself and went with Brandon Hayward in May.  I got bit, but didn’t convert.  Hopefully, I’ll get my shot this year.

eclipse_60bft_0522152) Tuna – In spades.  I got my big of the year, an estimated 60 lb-er on the Eclipse in May.  That was a memorable trip.  Nothing all day.  We were ready to throw in the towel.  I was up in the wheelhouse with Capt. Adam Williams and all of a sudden he says, “Bluefin!”  I didn’t see what he was talking about, but he heard them on the sonar.  I remember thinking, “He’ll have to explain that to me later” as I rushed down to get on deck.  It was amazing.  We were surrounded by big fish jumping all over.  They stayed with us for over 2 hours, yet we only got 6 on the boat.  Lots of casualties.  I was blessed to get a 30 and a 60.  The 60 on that trip and the 55 YFT on the Amigo trip qualified for Extra Salty in a normal year.  If I got a local 100 last year, I would call it Extra Salty, but a new personal best is never a bad thing.


Last year was so whack.  It was like if you DIDN’T catch a yellow, it was a bad trip.  I loved catching the one on the Amigo because I zigged and fished bottom when everyone else zagged and was flylining.  I think my favorite though was catching on the Gentleman.  It was my first yellowtail in the 805.  I ended up winning JP.  I even caught my first black seabass that trip!  The main reason it was cool though was because my buddy Howard Goldberg was with me, visiting from Florida.  He did well and I was happy he got to experience some of the best fishing we had to offer.



All in all a great year.  Only got 7 of 10 (missed wsb, halibut and corbina), but I’ll take that any day to experience another season like 2015.  This season is off to a good start.  I already got rockfish, lingcod and yellowtail (and a JP) all on the Colonet trip this year.  Seven more to go.  Tight lines!


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