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This is Grumpy

I obscured this person’s face because I didn’t want to call attention to him, just everyone that acts like him.  Let me explain…

I rode on the Coral Sea out of Channel Islands Sportfishing on Saturday.  The yellowtail bit the previous couple days.  Capt. Ricky Perez and deckboss Nick Mendoza, both hit me up and invited me to come out.  Given the bite and the invite, I was happy to go up and join them.  I went up Friday night, slept on the boat and was up and at ’em when the rest of the passengers started to board the following morning for the 4am – 4pm trip.  The guys had loaded live anchovies and frozen fresh dead squid for bait the night before, so we were ready to depart as soon as the passengers were onboard.

It was a short ride down the beach to where the bite was.  I had information that they bit the previous day on the tide change and high tide was going to be just after 5am.  We got to the spot.  The Cobra was in the area as well fishing near to us.  There were a bunch of private boaters and kayakers working the area too.

Long story short, the Cobra was able to get 2 early and then didn’t hook up the rest of the day.  My buddy Ricardo Holden of Fisheye Channel was out on his kayak with a couple of his buddies.  Between the 3 of them, they did well and got 5 yellows (all on the jig).  I tried bait…both the squid and anchovy.  Tried different presentations…dropper loop and light leadhead.  I fished the jig.  I got bumped on my jig on one cast on the fall, but it didn’t stick.  Several times, my jig came back with squid eggs on it, so we were on top of several nests.  We saw the fish on the meter  Clearly we were in the right spots.   They just didn’t want to go for us.

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The only thing that did bite was mackerel.  Lots of it.  They were on the squid too and they were getting big and fat on it.  I caught one that was an easy 18″ long…biggest greenback I’ve ever seen.  I thought it was a bonito when I hooked it.   Bottomline, it was tough fishing.

An angler on the boat, I’ll call him Grumpy (his shirt actually had Grumpy of 7 dwarf fame on it), started complaining…

Grumpy:  “How come we didn’t go to the islands?”

Capt. Ricky: “Because sir, the wind out there is blowing 25 knots.  We’d waste time driving out there only for it to be unfishable and have a boat full of sick people.”

Grumpy:  “We should have gone rockfishing.”

Capt Ricky:  “They bit yesterday sir.  Give it awhile.  We’ll rockfish if nothing happens.”

Grumpy: “I’d rather go home.”

Whatever Grumpy.  We ended up rockfishing a little while later.  The boat got 163 rockfish for 23 anglers, so 7 a bag.  Not great size, but not bad either.  Grumpy still wasn’t happy.  He decided to go downstairs and take a nap.  We were happy to see him take his attitude below deck.  The boat limited on bocaccio and Capt. Ricky decided to go back inshore and look for yellows again.  Saw them on the meter, but no biters.  We tried some halibut drifts.  Nothing on that either.  The day was winding down and Ricky decided to try a high spot he drove over on the way down.

Grumpy was still below deck when we got there.  Felipe Hernandez was too, but when he felt the boat coming to a stop, he got up and came out on deck to fish.  Good thing he did too.  Felipe sent an anchovy down on a dropper loop and got bit by something significant.  Capt. Ricky on the intercom, “Nick!  Get up to the bow right now!

Grumpy must’ve heard and came up on deck.  He got up there just in time to see the halibut on the gaff coming back to the stern to get bagged.  On the way home, Grumpy sat on deck, arms folded, being grumpy.  Meanwhile, I took some pics of Felipe with his fish and chatted with him a little bit.  He told me that Grumpy said to him downstairs, “Why are you going up?  You’re just going to catch mackerel.”  Ha!

I doubt Grumpy learned anything from the experience, but I’m sharing this story because maybe you will…

  • The crew worked really hard to put us on fish.  At the end of day, that is their job.  They want you to catch fish and have fun…it’s good business.  They can’t make the fish bite though.  They also don’t decide which fish will bite.  Case in point, the mackerel were a pain in the a$$.  We moved to try and get away from them, but they were on the squid nests too.  If we wanted a shot at the yellows, that’s where we needed to be.
  • If you are going to be Grumpy, do us all a favor and keep it to yourself.  It’s bad enough when the fishing isn’t good.  We don’t need to hear your complaining on top of it.
  • You can’t catch fish from your bunk.  Your parents, coaches, teachers etc. have all told you for years – “It’ll never happen unless you try.”  Same thing applies to fishing.  One thing is a guarantee, if you aren’t getting a line wet, you will not catch fish

Tight lines!

Don't be Grumpy!

Don’t be Grumpy!