It’s July now.  Hard to believe the year is halfway done.  It’s been a good year.  The way things seem to be going, I only expect it to get better.  In terms of my goal in getting all the Top 10 fish, I’m 6 of 10 with 2 Extra Salty status (rockfish and wsb).  The ones I have left are:

Extra salty on the Eclipse?

Extra salty on the Eclipse?

2) Tuna

The bite went off this last weekend.  YFT are getting caught in US waters.  I’m headed on a 2.5 day trip leaving July 3rd on the Eclipse.  I would be really surprised if I don’t knock off tuna this weekend.  The big early season bluefin seem to have moved on somewhere, but the yellowfin are all over.  I tabbed 50+ at 2 day range Extra Salty.  It’s going to be tough to hit that goal, but you never know.

4) Halibut

I didn’t get any early season opportunities like I did last year.  Big halibut are getting caught right now in the Channel Islands.  There may also be chances late in the year on some halibut specific trips out of Dana Wharf or Long Beach.  Who knows…maybe I can get a surf one?  If all else fails, I’ll get Ty to take me to the halibut hole.


Capt. Markland on the Tbird

8) #thatdamnfish

Of course, the damn sheephead proves to be a bugaboo once again.  I haven’t even caught a pinky this year.  To be fair to myself, my only legit opportunity was when we fished the kelp line on my Fortune trip.  The Fortune and Thunderbird have gotten into them pretty good while calico fishing at Clemente.  There may be opportunities at the Channel Islands.  I’ll look for my shots.  If I haven’t gotten one by Fall, I’ll try to get on a San Nicolas trip where getting a quality model should almost be assured.

9) Barracuda

On again/off again fish.  This year has been better than last.  They actually showed briefly in Santa Monica Bay, only to disappear again.  They were catching them for awhile up north.  I made things harder on myself by specifying it had to come on the jig, but who really wants to catch dropper loop cuda anyway, right?  I’ll keep my eyes open and I may have to take a midweek break when/if they pop again.  Best bet will probably be the Enterprise with Capt Andy Siratt, or maybe I’ll get one as bycatch fishing the Coronados at some point.    I should get my shots, but of all the 4 fish left, this is the one I’m most worried about.

Extra Salty & Other

I’ve already got a pretty full freezer.  I just want a nice pop of tuna and yellowtail to put away.  If there are chances to go big I will.  I also think that given all the El Nino talk, there are some out of the ordinary things I’d love to do this year like catch tuna and dorado in US water.  I also want to catch a yellowtail up in the Channel Islands…preferably on surface iron…just to say I did 😉  We shall see.  Good luck on your fishing endeavors for this holiday weekend and the rest of the year.  Tight lines!

Do this out of CISCO's?

Do this out of CISCO’s?



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