***EDITORIAL NOTE*** I talked to our Fishing Weatherman, Chris Dunn and the weather is supposed to be up for fishing on Saturday, so I changed up my trip plans.  I’ll be leaving Saturday night, fishing Sunday.  Here’s the link to book online.

One of my goals going into this year was to complete my Top 10.  In the first year of the Top 10 (2011), I got 9 species, only missing bonito.  It was a cold water year and they weren’t really around.  I had a shot at San Clemente and it popped off trying to bounce it.  In 2012, I caught a sheephead at Catalina on the Freedom in May that was just legal.  It wasn’t even a “pinkie,” but my friend John gave me unrelenting grief over counting that fish.  That’s when this whole #thatdamnfish thing started.  I was able to shut him up by catching a legit 13+lb. fish on December 30th on the Pacific Islander at Santa Rosa.

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Last year, I was able to get all 10 species by August.  I added what I thought would be next level catches, calling them Extra Salty and was lucky to get 2 of those.  I figured going into this year, completing the Top 10 wouldn’t be the problem and the focus would end up seeing how many Extra Salty catches I could notch.

Well it hasn’t played out quite the way I hoped.  Here it is December, and I’m only at a disappointing 8 of 10 fish.  On the bright side, I got Extra Salty on rockfish (a limit only on artificials) and a white seabass that could very well have hit that 50 mark.  And althought I didn’t define it as Extra Salty to start the year, I managed to boat an impressive 30 lb. yellow on bass gear.  So it’s been a good year, but taking an 8 would feel like a major step back.

cuda_ndmAt this point, I think it’s safe to say that the opportunity to catch a barracuda on the jig has passed.  I didn’t do enough local fishing.  When they were around I was doing other things (can you blame me for chasing tuna?).  So at this point, I need to get #thatdamnfish.

I got a pinkie on the Sea Jay in September.  I didn’t even bother to measure it.  Pinkies don’t count.  I’ve said all year, if push comes to shove and I need to get a sheephead, I’ll just get on a boat to San Nic.  Well…it’s go time.  I’m told that sheephead come from miles around and go to Nic to spawn.  So this weekend, I’m going.  Friday night, December 12th (fishing Saturday 13th) Saturday night departure, fishing Sunday, I’ll be on the Eldorado with Capt. TJ Schlick, to get what may be my last and certainly my best shot of the year to check #thatdamnfish off the Top 10.

Wish me luck.  If you’d like come join me and see if I get it, book online with Long Beach Sportfishing, or call the landing 310-308-7600.  Hope to see you out there.  Tight lines!

Picture courtesy of Long Beach Sportfishing

Picture courtesy of Long Beach Sportfishing




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