Apologize for things being slow on the blog.  I haven’t been getting out much, and the times that I have gone have been mostly fruitless or unspectacular surf sessions. That said, a lot has been going on fishing-wise around SoCal.  It’s out there if you want to look for it.  Here’s a quick rundown…

Yo Yo Yellows on the SD (picture courtesy The San Diego)

Yo Yo Yellows on the SD (picture courtesy The San Diego)

Yellowtail At The Coronado Islands

The Mission Belle out of Point Loma Sportfishing has been having a pretty good run of trips to the Coronado Islands.  It’s been on and off…some days 0-3 fish, up to 30+ fish days.  The San Diego joined the fun on Saturday, January 18th and completely blew things up catching 68 fish for only 36 anglers!   (The Malahini has been off the water for annual maintenance)  The quality of the fish has been great too, 20 lbs. up to the mid-30’s!  The vast majority of fish have been taken yo-yo fishing, with a few coming in off dropper loop rigs.

While Saturday the 18th was a big day on the water, there was also an issue with the Mexican Navy.  Ultimately, both boats were sent home.  The paperwork issues were quickly resolved and the boats returned to the islands this week.  Unfortunately, the yellows have since pulled a no show 🙁

Hopefully, they get back on the fish.  I’m heading down this weekend, and I’ll ride Sunday if I’m getting some indication they’re seeing them out there.  Cross your fingers.

Hitcher! (pic courtesy Tribute Sportfishing)

Hitcher! (pic courtesy Tribute Sportfishing)

Rockfish Trips To Punta Colonet

Several boats have been making the trek down to Colonet for some offseason rockfishing.  The results have been pretty spectacular.  Lots of nice reds, and some really nice ling cod have been the highlights.  The Tribute was down there on the 19th and this 22lb hitchhiker was caught with this legal 7 lb. fish in its mouth!  There have been several trophy lings in the 20+ range so the quality and quantity are really good.  Key to remember as well…Mexican limit for any one species is 5 fish, including ling cod 🙂

The Dominator out of Point Loma, and the Eclipse out of Seaforth are 2 other boats that are making the trip.  The Eclipse has 1.5 day trips leaving February 7th, 15th, and 28th.  I’m going to be on the Feb 15th trip.  Come join me at the rail!

Our buddy Puria scored last week (pic courtesy LB Sportfishing)

Our buddy Puria scored last week (pic courtesy LB Sportfishing)

Halibut Derbys

The halibut derbys at Dana Wharf and at Long Beach Sportfishing are in full swing.  The action hasn’t exactly been full speed.  As of this writing, only 17 fish are listed on the 2 leaderboards.  The majority of fish are 10 lbs. and less, with one big 40+ lb-er in the lead at Dana Wharf.

The bait situation has been improving (better size anchovies), so maybe things will start to pickup.

Twilight Bassin’

The New Del Mar out of Marina Del Rey has been going out every Friday and Saturday night.  The Native Sun at Long Beach Sportfishing starts Fridays and Saturdays this week.  MDR doesn’t report their twilight numbers, but some of the Salties have been going out with mixed results.  My buddy LeRoy got his limit on January 4th, so there are fish to be caught.

Surf Fishing

1st LC BSP

Bigger BSP on the Lucky Craft

The big, pregnant barred surf perch are supposed to be coming in this month and next.  You can follow my recommendations in Surf Fishing 102 to almost guarantee catching fish.  Another option is to throw a bigger bait like the Jackall Squad Minnowthe Lucky Craft Flash Minnow, or a 3 inch swim bait.  You’ll get less bites, but typically they’ll only be the bigger fish.  You also might hit it really big and catch a halibut in the sand (Extra Salty!).  My strategy lately has been to throw the Gulp camo worms to start to see if there are fish around.  Once I find a good spot, then I’ll throw the bigger bait and swing for the fences.

I’ve laid out some options for you, so get out there and do it!  The weather this month has been incredibly good.  I have a feeling we’ll finally start getting rain in February, so best to take advantage while we can.  Tight lines!




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