Not sexy, but a winner (poor sculpie shorn of his spines)

The hope this weekend was to get into the early yellowtail bite or get a ling cod.  Neither happened 🙁

However, after the midweek bluster, and a threatening Saturday, things opened up for a beautiful Sunday on the water, if not a spectacular bite.  I joined good buddy, John Anjard, on the Mission Belle out of Point Loma, for the morning half day.  Usually a 3/4 day boat, the MB was filling in for the Daily Double which was in getting some work done.

Enrique S was Johnny on the snapshot today

Out of 10 paying customers (John was a ‘deadhead’ but caught a beautiful sandy which would’ve won if eligible), I scored the big fish (fish count).  It was a 2 lb 3-7/8 oz sculpin.  Big for a sculpin, but not our target species this weekend.  Oh well.  It was a nice day on the water though with friends new and old.  I’ll have a full trip report later.  I’m waiting on the pics from Enrique S. who was our official photog for the day.

6 Sticks for a halfer?!? John had some new stuff he wanted to test.

In typical John fashion, he brought a lot of gear.  It was fun though, because he’s been wrapping a bunch of rods (including a special something for Jake’s birthday this Thursday), and he has been perfecting his marbling technique.  I’ll have more about John and his amazing work and workshop later.


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