We had an epic opening weekend of the rockfish season.  Friday night, myself and 28 other anglers boarded the Pacific Islander and made the long run out to San Miguel for an amazing day of rockfishing.  I’ll have a full trip report tomorrow.

This time of year, the unofficial opening of the fishing season kicks off as well.  And that is the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach.  The show begins on Wednesday the 7th and extends through the weekend.  It’s a great time filled with family activities, informative seminars, great deals, and the opportunity to catch up with many salty friends.  I won’t be making it down to Long Beach as I’ll be leaving Thursday for South By Southwest (look for a special trip report with Diablo Paddlesports while I’m gone), so go to the show, send me pics and have a great time.  Tight lines!


Fred Hall - unofficial opening of fishing season (photo courtesy of LA Times)