tagged_spottieIn the Trip Report I filed from last weekend, I mentioned I caught a tagged spottie (spotted bay bass) and called in a report to the number on the tag.  The number (858-534-2156) was picked up by an answering machine at Scripps.  I left my name and number and noted the length and area where I caught the fish.

I got a call Monday night from Lyall Belquist.  Lyall heads up the Coastal Angler Tagging Cooperative.  The CATC is a project that was setup to tag and track the 3 species of bass (calico, sand, spotted) that we catch here in Southern California.  Data collected from the project will be used to better assess and thus manage this popular sport fishery.  The project is a collaboration between Scripps, the San Diego Oceans Foundation, the CDFW, the Sportfishing Association of California, and the San Diego Recreational Fishing Community.

It’s timely that I was able to connect with Lyall this week.  The San Diego Open Bay Bass Tournament is this weekend.  With so many anglers participating, there are sure to be some tagged bass caught.  If you happen to catch one, please note the following information:

1) The tag #

2) When you caught the fish, including the time of day

3) Where you caught the fish (latitude and longitude if possible)

If you call, someone (probably Lyall) will call you back to take down the required information.  You can also record the info HERE on the CATC website.  As an added bonus, anglers reporting a tagged bass are entered into a monthly drawing for a $200 gas card, but I know everyone reading this post would want to do it just to help out.  Please pass along this post to anyone you know who fishes for saltwater bass.  Tight lines!

Lyall on a tagging trip last October (pic courtesy CATC)

Lyall on a tagging trip last October (pic courtesy CATC)






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