Jake & Juj on the New Del Mar

This weekend I had the kids. From a straight fishing standpoint, it was nothing to write home about. But you know what? It was a GREAT weekend. Saturday we had intended to get down to Dana Wharf, but we all ended up sleeping in. The kids were still up to fish though, so we hit the afternoon halfer in Marina Del Rey. We spent the night down in San Clemente. After breakfast we went for a walk on the beach. After drying the kids out and dusting off the sand, we finished the day at the Fred Hall Show in Del Mar.

Jake is enamored with swimbaits. Ever since first taking him down to Dana Wharf and seeing some kids absolutely kill it using plastic vs. ‘dines, he’s wanted to know how to use them. Unfortunately, I haven’t been a good resource for him, as fishing plastic is something I need to get better at as well. At the show, we had the pleasure of talking at length one-on-one with Corey Sanden of MC Swimbaits. I’ll share with you that conversation in the next post. ‘Til then, tight lines!

Here’s the weekend in pictures…

Juj, Eric, and Jake on the NDM

Lone ling took jackpot

Juj hamming it up at San Clemente beach

Please don't get wet

Arriving at the show

Jake & Juj with our buddy Dan Hernandez

Big calico in the salty tank

Juj with some DVL stripers

Sandy and Scully

Juj gets a bite reaction with a swimbait

Corey Sanden of MC Swimbaits


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