Below that foam - 2 corbina

Below that foam – 2 corbina

I remember early on when I first started fishing here in Southern California, I read a story in the LA Times about fishing for corbina.  The article used a lot of words like “elusive,” “ghost,” “prized,” and “coveted.”  I was fascinated and decided to head to the beach to hunt them.  I didn’t even know where to start and didn’t get a sniff.

Fast forward 10 years and I know a little bit about surf fishing.  I’ve managed to learn how to consistently catch surf perch, but I still haven’t had a sniff of a corbina…until Wednesday night.  I went out after work to try and take advantage of the pre-storm window.  I’ve found in the past that sometimes before some weather rolls in, fish seem to want to “stock up” eating prior to the turbulence that stormy weather stirs up in the water.  There was a negative low tide at around 1:30, with a 6+ high tide coming later in the evening.  I thought it might be worth my while to see what was up.

When I got to the spot, I noticed bait fish getting pushed up by something.  In an effort to match the hatch, I dropshotted a Jackall Clone Fry.  I walked down the jetty trying to place my casts into or near the fast moving school.  I noticed a sandbar and thought that the edge might be a spot where a halibut could be lurking.  Then I saw them…two big corbina patrolling the sandbar.

I quickly re-rigged my line…Carolina rig, 4lb fluoro leader, size 6 hook.  There was another angler there, I called him over and showed him the fish.  He had live sandworms and offered them to me to use.  The two of us put our baits on the sandbar and waited.  The corbs sniffed around, passing both our baits a number of times.  Nada.

This fish is definitely going to be a worthy adversary.  It’s not really the “season” for them yet.  Primetime is Summer through Fall.  I’m glad I’ve got some good mentors to learn from.  I’ve got that guided trip with Robert Danelen from the Sav On seminar.  And recently found out that one of my fishing buddies, Kevin Kim, landed a fish locally that was just shy of an IGFA world record.  Stay tuned.





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