Ok salties, the goal is to have an awesome time, with a chance at greatness.  I’m putting together 2 trips this month that completely fit that bill.  Both of these trips are guaranteed sellouts.  Don’t wait if you can swing it.  I hope you can join me at the rail.

Friday April 10th – Commander Jig Jeopardy 

Why?  We had so much fun on the last trip to the Cortez catching nicer grade yellows (12-20lbs.) + rockfish.  I even got #thatdamnfish!  The newly remodeled boat is great and has a refrigerated saltwater hold to ensure you bring home the finest quality fish.  The crew was awesome.  The food.  AND we might just get a crack at bluefin tuna!  A San Diego based boat got bluefin this week.  It wasn’t a lot, but they were a nicer grade of fish…up to 70 lbs.!

Details: 1.5 day trip – 8pm departure Friday, April 10, returns Sunday 6am.  Limited load of 24

What’s it cost?  $225 (No Fuel Surcharges!  Free Parking)


Eclipse Bait Wrap jigs

Added Incentives?  

Anyone who buys a ticket on this trip will get a 15% discount  on a future Commander open party trip of their choice while the boat is still at Long Beach Sportfishing this year (until July).

Jig Jeopardy!  Yoyo and surface Bait Wraps jigs are available with either the Commander or Eclipse image on them.  They will be sold for $20 each.  The first tuna and yellowtail on either boat’s jigs will win ANY OPEN PARTY TRIP ON THAT BOAT THIS YEAR!!!  That’s up to over a $500 value if you win.  Four potential winners on this trip!  Your odds are better than the lottery.

Book It!


Friday April 24th  – Central Coast Safari


2 of my favorite guys: Capts. Nick and Ricky

Why?  I’ve never fished this stretch of coast before.  We’ll depart out of Virg’s Landing in Morro Bay (Near San Luis Obispo, about a 3 hr. drive from LA).  The plan is to leave at 10pm (plenty of time to drive up after work.  I’ll be coming from Santa Monica).  My good friend, Capt. Nick Mendoza returns to his home water (he decked last year on the Ranger 85) to take us on this special journey.  We’ll drive up to a spot just off Big Sur and download on mega reds (double digits are very possible).  Then we’ll have the whole rest of the day to poke into shallow coves and boiler rock areas on the way back to catch monster lings (low double digits, up to 30+) on jigs and plastics.  And who knows how long we’ll even have a chance to fish this area with the Chumash Marine Sanctuary thing possibly happening.

Peeps are driving up from San Diego to do this trip.  You do not want to miss it!

Details: Overnight trip departing Fri. April 24th at 10pm.  Returns Sat., April 25th at 7pm.  Limited load of 24

What’s it cost?  $165, food included!

Added Incentives?

Sponsored by Lingcodjigs.com.  You will have your choice of choosing one free jig!  Everyone will also get a free Lingcodjigs.com hat.

Book It!

*there was an issue with the landing, so our 1.5 is now an overnight.  Capt. Nick is telling me we will still have more than enough time to do what we want to do.

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